Thirty Meter Telescope team

Technology to sense problems, people to solve them.

Our Sensing and Control Systems provide new insights and access to what is happening in harsh environments. Scientific Data Processing ensures that you get the most out of the world's most under-utilised precious resource: data. We can then turn that data into smart decisions with our Intelligent Software Applications. If you need on-site support, we have the brightest minds and greatest people in Technical Consulting for R&D.

What we do
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Take the R&D journey with an experienced perspective.

Research and development projects are long-term investments, involving stringent requirements, formal interfaces, highly impactful project phases, and short-notice team scaling. 

At S[&]T, we take on these challenges by being relationship-driven. We think not only about the first steps toward partnership, but the long-term mutual win. We offer flexible support R&D via project, personnel and product solutions. Our open communication style and informal atmosphere ensures that we are a dependable partner through thick and thin. 

How we work
S[&]T Divers

Career minded?

At S[&]T, relationships always come first, and we treat our employees like we would like to be treated. Smart people need flexibility, challenging projects, open communication and a motivating career path.

If you would like to choose your own adventure when it comes to building a role that is right for you, we've love to help you make your path both challenging and fun.

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