14 Sep
Thirty Meter Telescope

Thirty Meter Telescope Warping Harness Control System

  • Sensing and Control Systems

Test control units for high accuracy control systems supporting advanced optics

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06 Sep
European Space Agency

Earth Observation Course from ESA

Free 5-week online course on Earth Observation!

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02 Sep
Phased Array Antenna for Search and Rescue Team

Search and Rescue support via Phased Array Antenna

  • Sensing and Control Systems

Our Phased Array Antenna for Search And Rescue (PAASAR) project aims to improve reception search and rescue signals via multiplying satellite tracking capabilities.

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01 Sep
Orbital Eye Pipeline Monitoring App

Pipeline Monitoring from Space

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Pipeline monitoring data from satellite image to hand-held app

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01 Sep
Jos Maccabiani

Welcome to S[&]T, Jos!

Bringing a new Director of Operations into the team is a big step for what has always felt like a family company.

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01 Aug
TROPOMI Spectral data

Sentinel 5-precursor atmospheric data from TROPOMI instrument

  • Scientific Data Processing

S[&]T contributed to significant portions of the Sentintel 5p scientific data pipeline from TROPOMI instrument.

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19 Jul
Partnership with Airbus

Airbus and S[&]T 'in zee' on space applications

"Satellite application development in the Netherlands will receive a boost from a partnership between Science [&] Technology corporation (S[&]T) and Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, signed on July 7, 2016."

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07 Jun
Andre at S[&]T

How to host an astronaut: André Kuipers @ S[&]T

Working in the space industry, sometimes you forget how 'cool' what your doing is in the daily grind. But sometimes, an astronaut drops by to help remind you!

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20 May
Orbital Eye Show [&] Tell

Orbital Eye Show [&] Tell - The data journey from satellite to app

  • May 20, 2016, 4 p.m.
  • Olof Palmestraat 14

Learn about Orbital Eye, and get to know the S[&]T team at an open borrel on the topic of 'Asset Management from Space: The data journey from satellite to hand-held app'.

Add to Calendar 2016-05-20 16:00:00 2016-05-20 19:00:00 Europe/Paris Orbital Eye Show [&] Tell - The data journey from satellite to app Olof Palmestraat 14 S[&]T info@stcorp.nl
07 Apr

Passion | People | Process : Finding the Win-Win-Win

What makes S[&]T compelling is that our core passion still guides how we interact with people and implement processes.

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29 Jan

S[&]T joins forces with with Dutch industry in satellite data applications

S[&]T announces participation in Nevasco

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05 Dec
Erik Satellite

Pipeline Management meets Space Data

S[&]T in NRG Magazine

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