Privacy at S&T

Like most businesses, we collect, store and process personal data such as names, e-mail addresses, CVs for job candidates, etc. At S[&]T, we value and respect everyone's privacy - that of our staff, our clients, our visitors and everyone else we come in contact with. We take extensive steps to ensure that we only collect and store the data that we really need, and no longer than necessary. Of course, we use modern IT methods to protect the data that we hold in our possession.

On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect across Europe. The GDPR has very detailed requirements on how companies interact with personal data. This page is meant to inform you thoroughly and transparently about our personal data processing, and also to comply with the GDPR requirements.

Our Privacy Officer

Large companies, or companies handling sensitive data, are required to hire a so-called 'Data Protection Officer' who has legal authority to guide a company in all things related to privacy. S[&]T doesn't have to do this. But for us, privacy is such an important, fundamental right that we decided to appoint a Privacy Officer with very similar tasks and authorities.

If you have any question or comment about how we handle personal data at S[&]T, please do not hesitate to contact her:

Ms. Marjolein Vliegenthart
+31(0)15 2629889

Privacy Statements

For a detailed description of how we collect, store and process personal data, the following Privacy Statements are available. A printed version is also available on request at our reception desk:

Exercising your data rights

Under the GDPR, if S[&]T has data about you, then you have a lot of rights to decide how we deal with this data. To help you exercise your rights, and to help us respond quickly and completely, we have created the following web forms to facilitate your rights requests:

When you apply to exercise your data rights, we need to establish your identity to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. In the web forms, we ask you to supply proof of ID and proof of address. More information on how to provide this and what we do with this data is provided on the Proof of identity page.

Contact details and further information

Should you have questions about privacy and your personal data that are not answered by the information on this web page, then please do not hesitate to contact us:

S[&]T Privacy Officer
Ms. Marjolein Viegenthart

+31(0)15 2629889