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At Sensar, we have a passion for bringing highly complex satellite products into the hands of non-expert users. We use radar satellites to determine changes in ground levels. For example, we can see how much the ground underneath a building or other structure has risen or declined in a given year, with millimeter precision from space! Check out our demo if you want to see more - use the password "demosensar"

If you are interested to know more, or how we can help you with any problem you might have, feel free to drop us an email at solutions@stcorp.nl 

At Air-Portal we use satellite measurements combined with several other types of data to monitor air quality levels, including the hotly debated nitrogen concentrations. We can do historical analysis of air quality levels and concentrations, and even three-day forecasts. We operate at a 100×100 meter resolution, meaning that we can provide information on street level accuracy. 

Play around with our demo to see 2 of our currently available locations (Amsterdam and Madrid)

Interested in knowing more about your location, or do you want to know how we can help you with information about nitrogen? Send us a message at solutions@stcorp.nl!

Sustainable forest management relies on accurate and timely data to secure its ecologic and economic future. We have developed the technology to make a big impact in taking care of our forests all over the world. Now we can use satellite data to protect global forests from climate change effects such as biotic (like insects and fungi) and abiotic (e.g. storms, wildfires). 

Check out our video to see how we do this. If you are interested as a tree enthusiast, forest manager or maybe as a dendrologist, please feel free to talk to us at solutions@stcorp.nl, and we are more than happy to provide you with any information you want.